Understanding ABS Braking in Motorcycles

December 27th, 2018 by

Why ABS Braking Is Important in Motorcycles
Stopping a motorcycle is not as simple as stopping a car. The difference can be attributed to the brake controls. In general, truck and car brakes function as one and are controlled by a single pedal. Most motorcycles, however, are designed with separate controls for front and rear wheels. This design can be dangerous when the riding situation calls for hard braking. If the brakes are engaged for sudden stops, either of the wheels can lock up.

When a vehicle experiences a lockup during hard braking, the automobile will skid. The wheels respond in the same way, so the danger is minimized. However, in a motorcycle, if one of the wheels locks up, the machine will lose its stability. This often results in serious falls and injuries. Fortunately, the danger of hard braking can be managed through ABS braking. The anti-lock braking system prevents the motorcycle wheels from locking up and skidding.

How ABS Braking Works

The anti-lock braking system is designed to monitor the wheel speed. The setup utilizes sensors on both of the motorcycle wheels to determine the speed. The sensors are also able to determine when the wheel is about to stop rotating and lock. The reading or data collected by the sensors is sent to the ABS unit. Then, the processed information is used to make adjustments to the brake pressure and stop the wheels from locking.

In general, ABS braking does not have an effect on normal motorcycle braking. As mentioned, the goal of the anti-lock system is to prevent the wheels from locking and losing stability when hard braking during emergencies. You can have ABS in your motorcycle whether you have conventional brakes or a combined braking system. The setup is quite versatile. Additionally, one does not need to be concerned with drag after installation. Modern ABS products are extremely light.

Importance of ABS Braking in Motorcycles

An anti-lock braking system reduces the total stopping distance for motorcycles. In simple terms, the rider will be able to stop their vehicle faster on both wet and dry surfaces, minimizing the risk of a serious accident. Moreover, there are fewer injuries and fatalities in motorcycles with anti-lock setup.

In summary, ABS braking improves the safety of the rider and the performance of motorcycles as proven through crash reports, track tests and insurance claims. Additionally, the installation of the reliable anti-lock braking system minimizes and prevents motorcycle damage during road incidents. Consequently, the costs of maintenance and repair are reduced during the period of ownership.

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