Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshop

January 15th, 2015 by


DATE CHANGED DUE TO WEATHER!  POSTPONED TO MARCH 21st!  You still have time to register.

Walt Fulton, former factory sponsored racer for Harley-Davidson Motor Co. and partner Nancy Foote, are bringing the Streetmasters Precision Cornering Workshop to Las Vegas Harley-Davidson on Saturday, MARCH 21st, 2015. This one-day workshop will focus specifically on cornering skills and all the component facets needed to comfortably negotiate the tightest of turns with ease. This workshop is not intended as a beginner class, but is designed for the seasoned rider.
Who should take this workshop? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions perhaps you should consider joining us at Streetmasters.

• I sometimes cross the centerline in tight corners.
• I can’t seem to hold a smooth line through a turn.
• I often have to use the brakes in the middle of a corner.
• I seldom use the front brake.
• I’m an experienced rider who taught myself to ride.
• How about visual control and situational awareness? How important are they to you?
• Do you want to be more comfortable and confident on two wheels?

Streetmasters has a solution for you. Our 1-day Precision Cornering Workshop will work on these issues – and more – to help you improve your skills and confidence on the road.
Ladies, want to learn from another woman? Nancy Foote has been riding for over 30 years and Colleen Kevany is a retired motor officer. Let them show you how easy it can be to become a confident rider.

For more information or to register for the class visit streetmasters or call (951) 549-1717

About Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops: Streetmasters has been in the business of improving rider technique since 2004. Normally, classes are held at the Horse Thief Mile, Willow Springs International Raceway, Willow Springs, CA. On the Road Classes are now available – Streetmasters will come to your location and work with you on your favorite roads. “Dirty” Streetmasters is designed for dual sport and adventure touring riders that want to learn more about off road and on road capabilities of rider and bike.