Personal Preference: Which bike is right for you?

March 23rd, 2015 by

I always find it interesting how people make their decisions on which bike is right for them. It is not as simple as the style of bike any longer. With so many choices within each class of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, the smallest details are what set each model apart from the other. It’s these details that make the experience of searching for your perfect bike something you will never forget.

Over the weekend Las Vegas Harley-Davidson went out to a community event that was held at the North Las Vegas airport. We took four different bikes from our 2015 line-up, and I was amazed at which bikes got the most attention. Surprisingly enough, the V-Rod was the most popular bike of the day for both men and women alike. People were in awe when they learned that Harley-Davidson and Porsche teamed up to develop that engine. No wonder it has so much power! The Street Glide Special was the second most popular and many were shocked to find out how affordable the Street Glide actually was; Plus, it already came stock with navigation.

Finding or creating the bike of your dreams is much more affordable than most people think, and our team of die hard Harley-Davidson fanatics can’t wait to help you realize your dreams to achieve freedom. Come in to our showroom today and let our experienced local staff help make your dreams become a reality!20150321_100448

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