Official After-Market Lighting Upgrades

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Harley-Davidson bikes are legendary, with classic styling and responsive performance straight from the factory. Yet, many owners are drawn to create their own one-of-a-kind Harley with after-market customization. For those seeking to build a personalized bike, lighting is a great way to add your own personality to your ride while gaining greater performance.

After-Market Lighting Add-Ons from Harley-Davidson


The 5-3/4″ Daymaker™ Projector LED Headlamp*

Take control of the night with this powerful LED headlamp which offers a brighter and whiter light than the stock incandescent headlamp. This model of the Daymaker™ comes in chrome and fits a range of bikes with smaller headlamps, although some models may require a Vibration Damper or Housing Kit in addition. It features one low-beam lens and three high-beam lenses to brighten up the darkest highway.

Upgrade Your Harley Lights at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson

The 7″ Daymaker™ Projector LED Headlamp*

Do you love the power of the smaller Daymaker but have a model with a bigger headlamp? Check out the 7″ Daymaker™ LED Headlamp, which offers the same road-lighting power in a bigger format. This larger light is available in chrome or gloss-black to blend seamlessly with your bike. The 7” Daymaker™ Projector LED Headlamp is available to fit a variety of different Harley models, but may require the installation of the Wiring Harness Kit. It features a single low-beam light mounted over a powerful high-beam light with two D-shaped fill-in lenses.

The Road Glide Daymaker™ Projector LED Headlamp*

If you have a Road Glide made between 2004 and 2011, this is the headlamp upgrade you’ve been searching for. It provides the same bright, white light as other Daymaker™ packages, but mounts the lamps side-by-side on a single back plate for ease of installation and maintenance. The Road Glide Daymaker™ Projector LED Headlamp comes in chrome and contrasting chrome and black options. It features a powerful high-beam light with two D-shaped fill-in lenses next to a single, always-on lens low-beam.

*All headlamps meet DOT and ECE standards.

Drop by Las Vegas Harley-Davidson to pick up a new Daymaker™ for your ride and to check out other available modifications. For more information on our variety of bike accessories, contact us at 888-218-0744 today.

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