How to Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face While Riding

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Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face While on the Road With These Styling Tips

When riding a motorcycle, you want a hairstyle that accommodates your helmet and keeps your hair contained, while still looking stylish. Here are some tips to help you create a look that can withstand your helmet and the speed of your Harley: 

1. Swap Your Bun for a Braid
Instead of pulling your hair into a bun, consider braiding it instead. A braid is a versatile look with endless style options, and it keeps your hair out of your face. Whether it’s a single braid or multiple, the types of braids and styles are endless. 

2. Embrace the Headband
When you only have a few minutes to get ready, throw on a headband. Not only will it keep your flyaways contained, but it will also prevent your helmet from flattening your hair. After your ride, ruffle your hair and re-position your headband to add some volume back. 

3. Keep Styling Product on Hand
Instead of loading your hair up with hairspray or gel before you hit the road, leave your hair natural. Once you arrive to your destination, work a bit of styling product (like smoothing cream or curl enhancer) throughout your hair. Since no product was applied beforehand, you’ll find it easier to get the look you want.

One exception to this guideline is curly hair. If you have curly hair, rub just enough gel into your curls to define them before your ride. Then, when your ride is over, use a little curl defining cream to revitalize your locks. This will minimize the need to brush your hair and, in turn, reduce frizz.

4. Consider a Cut that Suits Messy Hair
Certain haircuts are more forgiving, making them ideal for wind-blown hair. The next time you hit the salon, ask your stylist for a cut that looks flattering when messy. One popular choice is the lob (long bob). This shoulder-length style works well whether styled or not. Another more dramatic style is a pixie cut; it’s is easy to style and ensures your hair always fits comfortably under your helmet, while also giving you an edgier look.

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