Be Proactive About Motorcycle Riding Safety by Using All the Tools Available to You

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Follow This Guide to Stay Safe While Riding a Motorcycle

There’s nothing like the feeling of hitting the open road on a beautiful day. Although riding your motorcycle can be a blast, it’s important not to forget the role your safety toolkit plays in helping you avoid accidents and other mishaps. Here’s a good guide to staying safe on the road:

Tips for Staying Safe While Riding

Wear Proper Gear
Quality motorcycle gear is a must when it comes to reducing injury and increasing your visibility to other drivers. Good gear not only protects your body, it can also prevent rider fatigue. Proper head-to-toe gear can help manage extreme temperatures and wind and keep you more comfortable, allowing you to stay more alert. Although the connection between proper gear and fatigue may not be obvious, it’s important because rider fatigue can decrease response time and cloud your judgment. 

Always wear a DOT-approved helmet and inspect it regularly to check for cracks or breaks. In fact, you should check all of your gear including boots, jackets, pants and gloves at the end of each season. When exposed to the elements, most materials break down over time and may provide less protection. 

Choosing gear with high-visibility or reflective material can make other drivers more aware of your presence and prevent accidents. There are plenty of ways to do this without sacrificing style—choose a jacket with reflective panels and piping or put reflective patches on your gear.

Stay Visible
Speaking of visibility, riding in a manner that makes you more visible to drivers is vital. Avoid riding in blind spots. Choose appropriate lane positions when approaching intersections so it’s easier for drivers in oncoming traffic to see you. Using hand signals in addition to turn signals can also catch drivers’ attention. 

Safe Riding Skills
No matter how long you’ve been a motorcyclist, practicing and improving skills like emergency braking can save your life. Obey the speed limit and all traffic laws when riding your bike, and stay aware and alert at all times. You can’t control how others drive, but you can control your own behavior. 

Motorcycle Maintenance
Proper maintenance can play a major part in both accident prevention and avoidance. Worn brakes and tires can easily keep you from stopping in time to avoid an accident, and tire blowouts can be deadly. Perform regular maintenance and always check your tires, brakes, lights, chains and cables before you hit the road. 

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